Fine Payments

Alberta Fine Payments 

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are fines that were not paid prior to the court date and are blocking your Motor Vehicle file. No services can be provided until these fines are paid. No paperwork is required.

Fee = $9.45 per fine

Current Fines

Current fines are fines that are not yet due. The original ticket (yellow, white or photo radar) must be present at the time of processing. 

Alternatively, payments can be made online or by mail.

Fee = $9.45 per fine

Fines paid through a Court House

You must be able to provide a receipt to a registry agent prior to any service being performed if the fine still shows on your motor vehicle file. 

Information about outstanding tickets cannot and will not be given over the phone. You must come into the office with valid photo identification to obtain any information. 

Payment Methods

We accept cash, certified cheque, or debit only for fine payments. 

To pay a fine online, please go to

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