Land Title Searches

Our office can only provide searches for Alberta Land Titles. In order to process a land title search, we will require one of the follow:

  • Legal land description (shows on tax notices and purchase agreements)
  • LINC number
  • Title number

Cancelled Title

Shows the date of transfer of ownership.  

Current Title

Provides the current status of the title, the registered owners, and any caveats against the property.

Historical Search

This provides a search back to a specified date, or as far back as the history goes.  

Mineral Rights

Provides the current status of the mineral rights.  

Fee = $21.55  per search


Document Search

Document registered on a land title may be retrieved with this search and may include the following:

  • Builder’s lien
  • Caveat
  • Maintenance order
  • Mortgage
  • Utility right of way
  • And more!

The Document Registration Number must be provided in order to do this search.

If you do not have the Document Registration Number then you can order a Current Title Search first, which will display all of the Documents Registered to the title. 

Fee = $21.55 per search


** Changes to land titles must be done through the Land Titles Office:

  •  Service Alberta Building, 710 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB  T2P 0K3
  • 403-297-6511

For more information visit


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