Corporate Search/Certificate of Status


Corporate Searches

A corporate search pull the current information from the Corporate Registry database on all Alberta registered corporations, trade names/partnerships, and non-profit organizations.

The following is information contained on the search documents:

  • the current  address
  • director(s)
  • shareholder(s)
  • history of changes
  • date of incorporation
  • and more!

The most common reasons to request a corporate search are:

  • to find specific information on the directors or shareholders
  • to determine where to send legal documents
  • to ensure that a company is registered and can legally conduct business

All searches have a fee of $17.60

Certificates of Status

A certificate of status is proof of the current status of an incorporated company, such as ‘active’ or ‘dissolved’. This service is not available for trade names/partnerships.

The most common reasons to request a certificate of status:

  • banking
  • to register the company out of province
  • to verify the company’s standing with Corporate Registry

*Microfilm attachments are available through special processing. Contact an agent for more information.*

Fee = $17.60

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